Meet The Designer

Tell me about you

My name is Kabira. I am French Moroccan. I moved to Ireland in 2000, some 20 years ago. It was initially for a small work experience with no intention of settling, but my husband and I just fell in love with the country, the people and after a few months/ years of hesitation, we decided to make Ireland our home.

In terms of path to fashion, I definitely didn’t follow the traditional way.

I grew up with a passion for drawing and also always enjoyed fashion. Despite my early interest, I didn’t follow the path to fashion studies. Instead, I undertook a polytechnic diploma in Trade and a Master’s degree in Economics and Management.

I then worked for 14 years in various fields of financial services. After a few years, I started to think about fashion again. I decided to undertake fashion studies with a Paris based institute specializing in distance learning while working and raising my two children. I completed an additional pattern making and professional sewing techniques training in London.

I created my label KYMAÏA in September 2015.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” Paolo Coelho. 


What’s your role at KYMAÏA?

I literally do everything but collaborate with manufacturers and other professionals as required.

I develop my collections, do the research sketch, create the technical drawings, develop my own patterns and often sew my samples. I like the idea of owning the creative process. So many times, I deviated from the original sketch just because of a last minute inspiration. I like the idea of an organic creative process.

What is the meaning of KYMAÏA?

The meaning of KYMAÏA is not a literal one, but rather a personnel one. It is made of letters of my children and husband’s name. I really wanted them to be part of the branding as without their support, I wouldn’t have been able to study fashion, let alone create a label.

In addition, the Logo and more specifically the “K” of KYMAÏA represents my two heritage, the French and the Moroccan one. It reflects the “Arabic” and “European” equivalent of the letter K or ك .

How does KYMAÏA connect with your personal style?

When I was working in financial services, I never made a strict line between my business clothing and the everyday clothing. I liked the idea of versatile fashion and the option of dressing up or dressing down. I use to create many looks with a very small number of items and I really like the idea of constantly reinventing my looks.

I am trying to incorporate this versatile concept into my designs.

I also decided to focus my label on quality, classical pieces. I still have in my wardrobe pieces that I purchased over 20 years ago. I wanted to incorporate this idea of investment pieces with KYMAÏA.

What is your favorite KYMAÏA piece ?

It is hard as I have several favorites, not bias at all :)

I like the Luan culottes, the Assia tops but the Bryony coat is probably one of my favorites. I also think it is a customer’s favorite as it constantly sells out as soon as it is available. I created several versions of this coat but my all time favorite is the black virgin wool and printed version. 

With Shelly Corkery Brown Thomas

What is next for KYMAÏA ?

I have several projects in mind.

I want to incorporate more sustainability into my brand. Earlier in 2020, I visited the Sustainable Angle trade show in London and secured a number of new suppliers with very interesting sustainable materials. 

Another project that I have at heart is to develop a design and illustration section and develop my own prints. This is something I am hoping to develop later this year along with new offerings.

My future collections will incorporate a range of luxury loungewear that I am particularly excited about. 

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