Tips to re-think your style

Think about your real motivations. Why do you want to change your style ?

  • Feel that the current wardrobe is not flattering ?
  • Not enough variety in your wardrobe ?
  • Want to be more feminine ?
  • Want to be more stylish ?

Once you understand what you want to achieve, follow these key rules:

  • Be kind to yourself 
  • Embrace your shape
  • Remain true to yourself, your personality and your lifestyle
  • Use fashion to enhance your best asset or re-shape your silhouette by creating an illusion. Check the blog post “Dress for your shape” for more. 
  • Do not hesitate to get inspiration from magazines, blogs, Pinterest boards, Instagram etc.
  • Be aware of the basic essentials
  • Understand the impact of your fabric choice
  • Preferably shop alone. Do not get influenced by friends
  • Try on clothes - Make sure you feel comfortable
  • Boutiques are a nice way to find different clothes, More uniques.
  • Never forget that the ultimate aim is your well being. Pick only clothing that makes you feel good (comfortable etc)