Adopting sustainable fashion habits

Part of KYMAÏA’s main objective is to incorporate more sustainability into the brand. 

Earlier in 2020, we visited the Sustainable Angle trade show in London which is specifically dedicated to sustainable fashion. We secured a number of new suppliers with a wide range of sustainable materials and we are looking forward to introducing our new range. 

Today’s blog post will focus specifically on day to day sustainable fashion habits. The objective is to give you a few pointers to help you incorporate a more sustainable approach into your fashion daily life.

Extend the life of your clothes and use environmentally safe techniques. Consider these simple ways:

♻ Opt for quality and longevity over quantity

♻ Treat (and wash) clothes with care. Follow the guidelines from your clothing labels to extend the life of your garments

♻ Avoid washing your garments too often & avoid using too warm temperature. If your garment is not stained & only needs refreshing, go for a lower temperature which helps preserve the fabric.

♻ Avoid using the dryer

♻ Use Guppy bag or Cora ball to help catch those tiny microfibers before they flow down the drain.

♻ Use Eco friendly washing detergent

Photographer: @amphotostar
Stylist @sarahcorcoranstylist
Hair @lorrainehoganx
Mua: @za_makeup_
Model: Claire @1stoptionmodels


Consider circular processes

Fashion that can be reused, reworn, recycled. There are so many tutorials online that will inject you with some creativity and shade light on what you can do to give your clothing a second life:

♻ You may repair damaged items

♻ You may consider changing this dress into a top ?

♻ You may invest in a simple sewing machine and start re-inventing clothing.

All of these options are at reach. My daughter recently decided to make use of my old sewing machine. She recycled many of my old t-shirts, dresses. By cutting, re-shaping, she made herself several trendy tops, bandoos for summer, Scrunchies, she reshaped some dresses, made fabric masks…

She is having great fun, she is learning new skills, is enjoying being creative while being sustainable... and she keeps on checking my wardrobe for some more !!! (Not so good for me !!)

Opt for Sustainable materials

♻ Focus on sustainable Materials

  • Irish Linen, -Recycled Polyester, Organic Wool, Pineapple leather, Alpaca Wool etc
  • Organic Cotton is a little more complex and might need further development (due to the water implications) ... let me know if you want more on the topic.

♻ Not so good for the environment & why ?

  • Conventional cotton: huge water requirements
  • Synthetic fabrics rely on the petrochemical industries for their raw material
  • Leather - Materials like leather are responsible for huge methane outputs