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kabiraKabira is an Ireland based ladies wear Fashion Designer. Born and raised in France, with a Moroccan heritage, Kabira grew up with a passion for drawing that later developed into a passion for fashion sketching. After being advised by her guidance counselor to follow general studies, she put art aside and undertook studies earning a polytechnic diploma in Trade and a Master in Economics and Management.

The likelihood of becoming a fashion designer was very slim. But for those who know Kabira, when she takes something to heart, you can’t take it away!

In 2000, she and her husband decided to spend a few months in Ireland, but months became years, and they finally decided to make their home in Ireland.

She worked for 14 years in various fields of the financial services. After a few years, she decided to study fashion with a Paris based institute specializing in distance learning while working and raising her two children. She completed her training in London perfecting her pattern making, and professional sewing techniques.

She created her label KYMAÏA in September 2014.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” Paolo Coelho.

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