Dressing For Your Shape

“Clothing can affect your mood, your health, your self esteem.”
By understanding the various morphology, you can identify which shape best characterizes you, and use our few tips to enhance your overall silhouette. 

One of the most important aspect of fashion is understand your body shape. By understanding your body and by taking the time to reflect on your lifestyle, you will be able to make better fashion choice. You will be able to invest in pieces that work for you and make you feel not only comfortable but also confident. 

So let's look into the various morphologies and try to identify which shape best illustrates your silhouette. But before getting into the details,  there are some key rules that you need to follow:

  • Embrace your shape 
  • Use fashion to enhance your best assets or re-shape your silhouette by creating an illusion 
  • Understand the impact of your fabric choice 
  • Take into account your personality and lifestyle 
  • Never forget that the ultimate aim is your well-being. Pick only clothing that makes you feel good!



“A” or pear shapes have generally narrow shoulders,  small bust, a well defined waist, larger hips and bottom. In general the top size of the body would be smaller than the bottom size. It is a very feminine morphology (Curves)

How to dress for A Shape ?

When dressing for A body shape, the goal is to re-balance your silhouette. 

Accentuate the top part of the body

  • Use prints,colors to draw attention
  • Play with accessories (Jewelry - earrings, necklaces etc). You can also re-proportionate your body with shoulder pads. They can help balance with the hips area 
  • Neckline - Opt for V neck, cowl, Boat. For fitted dresses, opt for deeper V neck to elongate your body - Play with collars

Highlight the waistline

  • Reveal or highlight your mid-section. A fitted dress or a belt can do the trick. A shorter tops or large belt can also help enhance your waistline
  • Avoid tops sitting on hips. Bomber jackets, bolero, fitted blazers can enhance the iIllusion of hourglass

Bottom Part

You will often find that you can’t fit in a size category. the smaller size may be either too tight on the hips but perfect on the waist, or the other way around for the bigger size… Some type of clothing might help you get your way around

  • A-line skirts & dresses work great and can be the more comfortable option
  • When it comes to trousers, straight leg pants seem to work better but all is to do with what illusion you want to give. 
  • Opt for high waisted trousers and skirts to enhance your waist
  • Be mindful of the fabric you use. Stretch fabric can help especially for fitted clothings but you may find that the best solution might require you to buy a bigger size and do some alterations… A good tailor might be a good friend to have. Avoid heavy material. Keep the maximum thickness to the jean material
  • Avoid white and focus more on darker colors


Amongst celebrities, Michelle Obama is tall with an athletic figure, but her silhouette could be described as “pear shaped”. Her waist is nicely defined, and with small bust and larger hips. She has adopted a number of these rules throughout her time as first lady. Other celebrities include Rihanna, Kim K, Beyonce, J lopez, Kate Winsley… Check them out on pinterest for some style inspirations.


The V shapes silhouettes usually have an upper body part which is larger than  the bottom part.

  • V shape have usually bigger chest 
  • Narrow hips and bottom
  • Waist is slightly defined
  • Generally, when picking up a size, the tops size is generally bigger than the bottom size
  • Overall, it is an athletic figure

How to dress for the V or Inverted Triangle Shape

The Goal is to re-create a visual balance by adding volume to the bottom part of the body.

Tune down the Top part

  • Keep the top part uncluttered
  • Prefer soft necklines: rounded, squared. Avoid boat shape as they will broaden your shoulders
  • Elongate the top part by using fluid fabric
  • Avoid stiff fabric 

Highlight your Waistline

  • Highlight your waistline 
  • Peplum tops can help rebalance your silhouette

Bottom part

  • You can wear almost anything as long as you keep a visual balance 
  • You can play with colours
  • No specific guidelines regarding material. You can use any fabric type.


Among celebrities and actresses with an inverted triangles body shape, there are Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba. Check them out on Pinterest  for some style inspiration


“H” or Rectangular shape usually have  shoulders, hips and waist are in the same alignment. 


How to dress for the H or rectangle shape ?

The objective is to feminize the silhouette by creating the illusion of curves.

Highlight the top part of the body:

  • You want to focus on feminine cuts. You can do so by wearing V neck, Crossover / Wrap tops, wear off shoulder tops
  • Prefer very feminine necklaces and focus in small delicate pieces.
  • Play with sleeves - Puff / large sleeves to re-define the overall silhouette


  • Feminise the silhouette by creating an illusion of a defined waist. A blazer, bolero, a belt can help do the trick.
  • A peplum top is also a perfect way to re-shape an “H” body and create this fit and flare illusion

Bottom Part of the body:

  • A-Line dresses or skirts can help add some flounce to the overall silhouette
  • you can also opt for empire dresses or chic straight dresses. In the later option, opt for fluid, drapey fabric which will really elevate the simplicity of the dress 
  • Tulip skirt can again create an illusion of silhouette
  • When picking up a pair of pants, you should avoid straight shapes. You can opt for any other shape depending on the overall effect you want to create. Peg pants or wide pants (Culottes) are some great options


Check out these celebrities for some style inspirations: Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman…


  • She is usually thin of even skinny
  • She has a small chest and thin waist 
  • H​er shoulders are in line with her hips 

How to dress for the "X" or Neat Hourglass Shape

Well... the “X” silhouette can get away with almost everything !! So if you are a neat hourglass, have fun and explore different styles... Just make sure you always keep in mind the balance.​​



The “8” silhouette is similar to the "X" one but is a curvier or more voluptuous version.

  • Shoulder are in line with hips
  • They usually have a full bust and a rounded bottom
  • They have a well defined waist

How to dress for the V or Inverted Triangle Shape

The goal is to highlight your natural curves and accentuate your well defined waistline. Put the focus on the area you like the most, either the top or the bottom, but make sure the silhouette remains well balanced. 

Top part

  • Highlight the neck line: V neck, U shaped (scooped neckline), sweetheart are great options
  • Opt for wrap tops and dresses

Highlight your Waistline

  • Highlight your waistline (with a belt for example)
  • Opt for fitted blazer or jackets that allow you to show off your defined waist

Bottom part

  • Highlight Hips and bottom if harmonious
  • You may opt for Bodycon dress to show off your beautiful hourglass figure
  • Straight leg pants work well for this silhouette 


Here are a few celebrities known for their beautiful hourglass figure - Beyonce, Kim K, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Vergara etc Check them out on Pinterest for some style inspiration.


The “O” silhouette is it voluptuous morphology “O” silhouettes can often be associated to another shape(A/H/8)

  • Broad shoulders
  • Fullness in the middle
  • Full bust
  • Nice legs

How to dress for the “O” or Apple body shape ?

The goal is to define the burst area with the right neckline and elongate the torso. the choice of fabric will be key to shape the silhouette and create a slimming effect. Keep in mind that simplicity can be extremely chic !!

Top part of the body:

  • Highlight the neckline: V neck, round neck or wrap tops are perfect options
  • Prefer loose & fluid drapey fabric that will create a slimming illusion avoid skin tight fabric
  • Go for simple shapes nothing complicated that might add unnecessary bulks and volume
  • You can opt for example for a shirt, tunic, a jacket that end at the hip area - you can add a fine belt or leave it open
  • Opt for sleeves


  • Create the illusion of the waist line by using for example a fine belt

Bottom Part of the body:

Options include:

  • Wrap jumpsuit
  • Empire dresses / A-line dresses / Straight dresses
  • Straight leg pants - avoid pants that cut at the waist. Opt for high waisted pants or skirts

Opt for mid heel pumps that will elongate your silhouette or a pair of wedges


Among celebrities and actresses with an Apple shaped body are Oprah Winfrey, Melissa McCarthy - Check them out on Pinterest  for some style inspiration.

I would also advise you to check Melissa McCarthy’s brand for inspiration - you can find lots of photos of her wearing a variety of her pieces. She clearly demonstrates how amazing you can look when you know how to dress for your shape.